For 36+ years, TC’s Pawn Company has been paying the highest prices for your unwanted or broken gold & diamond jewelry. With the current gold prices at the highest levels seen in years – now is the time to sell and get extra cash in your pocket.

Some believe that if their jewelry is broken or damaged, it has lost it’s value. There are unscrupulous characters who enjoy and live off of this false narrative, do not be fooled into believing this.

People consider jewelry items to be among their most precious possessions, either from receiving them as a gift for a special occasion, inheritance or purchasing them themselves. With that said, people also may want to pawn or sell their jewelry for various reasons.  Whether your jewelry is taking up space in your jewelry box, a style not appealing to you any longer, or maybe an inheritance that you do not want – it all has monetary value.

TC’s Pawn Company accepts all types of unwanted gold, silver, and platinum jewelry.  Even if your gold or silver jewelry is broken and has no value to you, you may be shocked at the evaluation and payout offer you will receive from our experts.  We provide accurate and honest evaluations based on the current market demands for your jewelry and diamonds that are higher than other jewelry buyers in the central CT area.

Gold does not lose its value in any way if it is broken or scrap. Also, whether it is yellow, white or rose color gold, they all share the same value. Different metals are mixed with pure gold to give it different visual characteristics. Gold is also refined into different karat values, which represent different percentages of purity as seen below.

  • 24K is 99.9%
  • 22K is 91.7%
  • 18K is 75%
  • 14K is 58.3%
  • 12K is 50%
  • 10K is 41.7%
  • 9K is 37.5%

Remember, we also buy diamonds. So if your gold, silver or platinum jewelry contains diamonds this could add a considerate amount of value, so please don’t remove them before bringing in for an evaluation. You may be surprised to see how much your diamond has retained its value. There are no minimum or maximum payouts for precious metals or diamonds at TC’s!